Hatt Fitness was recommended to me by friend and her words were “I have heard about Jess Hatt”s boot camp and it is supposed to be a great work but most important it is alot of “FUN” !!!!!..Well my ears perked right up at that word “FUN” !!!! combined with a kick ass workout !!!! as I was getting very tired and disillusioned in going to gyms and working out by myself, waiting for machines etc etc so I found myself losing my drive to workout….. Well that was in October when she told me about Hatt Fitness and I have been going ever since !!!! Jess really knows his stuff and is so informed about the body, the mind, and how form and breathing is so crucial to get the maximum benefit out of each challenge. He never stops encouraging me, he believes in me which enables me to believe in myself. I believe strongly in investing in my health and mental well being so I can live out my senior years to the fullest !!! Jess and Lindsay are helping me achieve that and they make it is so much fun. It is has become a way of life for me !! I thank my friend for steering me in their direction !!!! I have met some awesome people at Hatt Fitness and we all inspire one another !!!!! 

Bonnie Cruickshank

Jes is absolutely amazing. He is the most motivating and supportive trainer you will ever meet. Each workout is different, so you don’t know what to expect! Unlike going to the gym each day and getting into a routine; each day I am challenged and I love it!

He truly cares about his clients . He is there every session, pushing you and supporting you through out your journey. I will never go back to a conventional gym, as I could never not have Jess by my side pushing me and supporting me through my fitness journey. Hatt fitness is amazing & has changed my life. 

Katie Schneider

I have to say Hatt Fitness is one of the greatest stepping stones in my life. I was 178 pounds when I bumped into Jes at the gym In September 2015. I decided to join his bootcamp class, after a few classes I decided to do 1 on 1’s. I had no idea what this choice was going to lead too. 

One of the characteristic about Jes that stands out is his positive energy he bring to the table, there is so much of this positive energy that its impossible to leave with out taking some of it home with you. Another characteristic he has is his ability to motivate, he knows when its time to push a person, he had me reaching goals I never thought I would reach or thought were even possible for me. Jes is also humble, open, nurturing, grateful to the world and he truly desires to help.
What I find most interesting about Hatt Fitness is the people Jes attracts. I’m use to going to a gym and feeling the negative vibes of someones ego. At Hatt Fitness I have never felt that, Instead I felt inspiration from the people he has attracted and a lot more positive energy from the groups he trains, it amazes me how he is capable of bringing together many beautiful souls into one place with no ego’s present.
Within the first 6 months of training at Hatt Fitness Jes help me go from 178 lbs down to 135 lbs. I lost more weight then I planned too. I lost over 40 lbs when my goal was only 25 lbs. That was just one of my goals he helped me achieve. Jes witnessed me doing 50 mins of planking’s without letting my knees touch the ground, it was a crazy challenge inspired by one of the lady’s he trained at Hatt Fitness who did that challenge before me. Jes help me reach my goals of squatting 2 x’s my body weight and beyond that up too 325 lbs of 12 reps, dead leading lifting 285 lbs of 12 reps and benching pressing 275 lbs of 4 reps all at only weighing 135 lbs in just over a year.
What I have learned at Hatt Fitness and about Jes is that Personal Trainers are Scuplters and the clients are stones, and if you give them the time, the patience and the will, a Personal Trainer can transform you into the piece of Art we are supposed to be.  

Rylan Lavis

I’ve been coming to Hatt Fitness for 6 weeks now and it’s honestly the best Small Group Personal Training experience I have ever had. This is smart and efficient training.

Jes Hatt is an expert at creating, customized and constantly evolving workouts that have allowed me to improve functional strength, increase power, and reduce body fat while minimizing injury. The workouts are targeted and intense but still totally manageable.

Jes is friendly, he has a great attitude, and he’s always willing to share nutrition and recovery advice. Jes is also masterful at remembering everyone’s name when giving instruction and getting the most out of all of us – seriously I don’t know how he does it!

I love this place and would not hesitate to recommend Jes and Hatt Fitness to anyone!

Mary-Anne Morgan

I was in town over the holidays and had the opportunity to Check out a few bootcamps. I loved the circuit style workout and still felt like i received enough one on one to ensure I was doing the exercises properly and pushing myself. I will be dropping in whenever I’m in Vernon for sure!

Candice Llewellyn-McKnight

The motivation Jes provides is phenomenal. The variety of the workouts means I’m always challenged and never bored. Being at Hatt Fitness for the past year has been such a refreshing change from a traditional gym and the whole body workouts have improved my fitness level. Thanks Jes

Carla Meyers Johnstone

This is where Kelly and I are spending 3 hours a week! Jess is an awesome trainer – he’s knowledgeable, motivating, prepared for each workout with a new routine for us, and making us stronger and more balanced by the week! We love our workouts with Jes!

Hildi Steuart

When I started training with Jess last fall, I thought I was reasonably fit for a 70yr old woman. I could walk quickly but running was not easy. Today at boot camp I did “jump and squat” on a truck tire. I can carry a 40 lb bag of wood pellets in to the house with no problem. I’m feeling great! Jes’s boot camps are the first fitness efforts I have not given up on after the first couple of sessions.

Thank you Jes.

Karen Campbell

My husband & I have been taking Jes’ classes consistently for over 2 years now. Jes is an amazing, kind & caring trainer who creates an enjoyable, non-intimidating workout environment which caters to all levels & ages. His boot camps are fun, innovative & never the same. In 2 years we have never had the same class! With the busy lives we lead, I love how Hatt fitness provides such a wide variety of times throughout the week & you can get an effective full body workout in one hour or less.

Shelley Gaudette

Awesome people, great environment, supportive trainer, can’t wait to get back to it this spring!!

Jody Staudt

I have tried many gyms and programs and always quit because it gets boring and repetitive, or the class times don’t jive with my hectic lifestyle. I love that after going to Hatt Fitness for 6 months, it’s never been the same workout twice. And there are so many options for class times, I could go 5 times a week, even with 2 busy kids I usually need to shuttle around. Jess is very motivating, stays positive and makes me push myself, usually without me realizing it. I will never go back to a conventional gym. I look forward to every time I can go work out now.

Karen Benn

Jes is amazing. I was nervous about going in, but he made me feel so welcome. I’ve had some injuries so poor jes had to adapt exercise to suit me. Would recommend Hatt fitness to everyone. 

Deb white

The motivation Jes provides is phenomenal. The variety of the workouts means I’m always challenged and never bored. Being at Hatt Fitness for the past year has been such a refreshing change from a traditional gym and the whole body workouts have improved my fitness level. Thanks Jes

Carla Meyers Johnstone

I have fallen in love with this gym, the people and the trainer! Friendly competition, creative and ever changing work outs and a few laughs makes for the best gym experience I’ve ever had. Thanks Jes!

Dace Evelyn

If anyone had told me I would be going to boot camp classes and loving it, I’d have said you’re crazy…boot camp isn’t for me! But then I met Jes and tried a class. Jes has a genuine passion to help people reach their fitness goals in a fun and supportive environment. This is the only gym I’ve gone to where everyone is introduced to each other, making classes really friendly and inclusive. We laugh, we work hard, but Jes always provides an option to adapt for fitness level or to accommodate an injury. I’ve also done some personal training sessions with Jes for injury recovery which have been great…he’s tailored exercises each week as my strength, balance and confidence improved.

Maureen Mole

I would highly recommend Jes Hatt fitness ! Not only for his positive and encouraging atmosphere but exceptional group of people that are in his program. I love the ever changing variety of exercises that Jes uses to keep us engaged every class.Every morning I look forward new ideas that challenge me not only in body but mind as well.if your looking for a positive atmosphere where you can excel and reach your goals at your own comfort level this is the place for you! I look forward to making even more progress this new year! Thanks Jes!!

Timothy Gares

This is the place to be if you want to be in a supportive butt busting environment. Jes is an amazing motivator and who thought working out could be so much fun!! 

I send everyone I know that wants a great workout to Jes- I even got my daughter hooked!

Wendy Warner

If I could give Jes and Hatt Fitness 6 stars I would. It is obvious he has a passion for exercise, but more importantly a passion for helping his clients reach their fitness goals. After 18 months plus with Jes, we have never done the same workout, and each session can be taylored not to aggravate an existing knee injury I have. Can not recommend Hatt Fitness enough…Great job Jes!

Luke Graebner

We have been working out with Jes for over a year and wouldn’t look anywhere else. The workouts are great but it is Jes and the great atmosphere he has created that has us coming back every week.

Never the same workout, he is very flexible to work around requests and has helped to recover from existing injuries and prevent them from happening again.

Great for a laugh and we always leave feeling 110%

Thanks Jes, we truly appreciate all that you do!

Alisia Strautins

Hatt Fitness is a great place to work out. I love the variety we get in every class. No two classes are the same, and just when you think you’ve done every exercise there is a new one thrown in the mix to challenge yourself. Jess is great at encouraging you to move faster and push harder. It’s a great environment to work out and the people are all friendly.

Larissa Haccou

Jes is amazing in what he puts out for each workout. No two workouts are the same which keeps me coming back. I wasn’t motivated enough with going to the gym on my own to do the same thing over and over. Not to mention the positive attitude Jes always puts out into the world. Thank you Jes, you rock!!

Breanne McLean

I have tried so many different work out classes and none of them compare to Hatt fitness. Jes is so knowledgeable, driven and passionate about his classes. Every work out is different but always a challenge with different variations offered by Jes based on your level. His classes are now a part of my life routine and I love them and how strong I feel. It started with me building up the courage to join a class and I’m so glad I did. You will also. Its a very welcoming group with all fitness levels, ages and gender.

Laura Kershaw

I love his enthusiasm to kick our butts into a great workout every time. It’s refreshing to go to each class as they are never the same. You never know what you’re going to get – except worked over!

Corinne Ahl McWhinney

Jes is an excellent trainer, he motivates and pushes you to get stronger and healthier, always taking care that you do your workouts in a safe way. Love the energy at bootcamp classes 🙂

Thatyana Shay

Big shout out to Jes Hatt who has managed to keep me loyal to a gym for the last 9 months when I moved back to Vernon. Here’s why… I have never done the same workout twice. That is commitment to your clients. I have fun with regular people who are trying to be their best selves while having fun and supporting each other. No pretentious posers here. And best of all… I now actually have a core! It makes me feel strong and able to try all the great sports here in the Okanagan without injury. Thank you so much to everyone at Hatt fitness. Special thanks to Jes and Lindsay for all you do.

Melanie Rydings

Jes is always changing the workouts to make it fun and creative. He is always very supportive and vocal. It is a pleasure to have someone who sincerely loves what he does help with personal goals. Keep up the great work.

Chris Church

If you’re looking to get your sweat on, never see the same workout twice, have a lot of fun and do all of it in an atmosphere where the egos are checked at the door, then show up. You won’t regret it.

Carl Percy

If anyone is looking for something different to shake up your workout, or new motivation, this is the place. Jes is a great trainer / motivator 🙂 A very positive, and fun place to be. All the best for 2017 Jes and Lindsay 

Susan Wood

Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or already well on your way, Hatt Fitness is the place to be! Jes Hatt’s workouts are tailored to all levels and provide a functional fitness for everyday life. I’m so happy to be part of the Hatt Fitness family. We laugh, we sweat, we work hard and we always come back for more! I encourage anyone who wants a great workout in a fun and friendly atmosphere to give Jes Hatt a shout!

Jane Seiler

I’ve attended many fitness classes throughout the years. Hatt Fitness is not just a great workout but fun and varied. The classes have so much thought put into them making the exercises interesting and very effective. Jess keeps the energy level up and the atmosphere positive. I am so glad to have found my way to Hatt Fitness. Can’t wait to push myself harder in 2017. Thanks Jes!

Corey Bauml

Hatt fitness has really increased my strength for skiing this year ��⛷⛷thanks Jes for the great variety and staying current with the latest fitness information and equipment!!

Veerle Vandendriessche

There are few trainers who are as innovative and as imaginative as Jes Hatt. If you are serious about getting fit and enjoying the trip at the same time, then call Jes. You will not regret it.

Dana Campbell

HATT fitness is fabulous! Each class is geared to each person personally. I am very new to wake up to fitness boot camp and I always feel comfortable even though I need many exercises adapted for my present strength level. I aspire to achieve what others in the class are working to maintain. It is great! If you are thinking about it – do it 🙂 – call Jess and then give a few classes a try- I was really surprised how comfortable I was with the environment. I’m getting stronger and healthier every day and it feels super!

Julie Walkinshaw